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Public Education

Allison is a believer in public education. An education for all. We must ensure that students in public schools have what they need and that we offer choice within our public schools. It should never be that because one has money, they get a better education. Allison believes in an education for every student, and we need to do what we need to, to ensure that can happen for every student in our public schools.


Are there parts of the curriculum that need to be updated? Without a doubt, YES.

That being said, Allison is a strong believer in having people/partners being a part of the process, and it is very clear that many Albertans (teachers, students, parents, staff, School Boards, community members) do not feel they were part of the process to build this draft curriculum. There is a loud outcry for there to be a pause in this draft curriculum and I believe good leadership would allow for the people that want to be a part of the process to have the opportunity prior to piloting and going forward.

Having been involved with the curriculum at the local and provincial level over the years, it truly is about engaging 'partners' in the process. There will still be parts that won’t please everyone, but people need the opportunity to see themselves in the development process and the processes that follow.

Allison believes that for a draft curriculum to move forward, there needs to be buy-in from the people (teachers, parents, students etc) and that does not currently exist. Allison does not believe getting input during a pilot is the place to get 'buy-in'. People need to be genuinely engaged in the process so that they feel their opinion is valued.

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