Allison has the experience that matters!

Through serving on local and provincial boards and committees and collaborating with educational partners at the local and provincial levels, Allison knows how to listen to the people (students, staff, parents and partners) and bring their important voices forward so the right decisions are made.

Allison has previously served as President of Alberta School Councils’ Association for 4 years after 4 years as a Provincial Director (2012-2020). During this time, she sat on committees, attended conferences, round tables etc for important issues in education such as curriculum, transportation, school fees, Truth and Reconciliation, seclusion rooms, high school redesign, Education Act.


Allison is able to work with entire political spectrum, advocating at the provincial level for issues that are important! Allison has developed working relationships with both local MLA's as well as recent and current Education Ministers.


Allison was appointed by Ministerial Order to serve on the Provincial Parent Advisory Committee for Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) bringing the local voice for families forward to the provincial level and supporting families locally.

Allison has been involved with Lethbridge School Division on many committees over the past 13 years expressing the parent voice and supporting other parents. During this time, she was on school councils in a variety of positions, Chair Division School Council, was on Policy Advisory Committee, attended Town Hall, Inclusion and Diversity meetings and attended a majority of Division Board Meetings as a member of the public.


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Connect with Allison

Phone: 403-393-9680