Allison is the mother to 3 amazing children and is a strong advocate for public education.

Allison has had a long-standing desire to become a school board Trustee and feels that now is the right time to do so.

Allison has a passion for education and feels that the voice of those within education is important. That means that the voice of teachers, all staff, parents, students and community members need to be valued. By being valued, she feels it is important that people feel heard, listened to, understood and that their input is put to use. It is about having people feel they are a part of the process, not just providing feedback, that we build community, where everyone feels welcome and important.

Allison is well known for helping people to know and understand the power of their voice. She has helped many people, by helping them learn processes to raise their voice and make their voice matter.



Allison believes in:

Transparency – Allison believes that there should be transparency in the work a school division does. Parents, students, staff and community should be able to clearly see where the beliefs come from, the work they are doing on the beliefs and to be able to understand clearly the decisions made and the direction they are going.

Accountability – Allison believes a School Board should be accountable for the decisions they make and those decisions should be based on what is in the best interest of students and should represent the views of the constituents they were elected by.

In order to find out what constituents want, there must be an opportunity for engagement and that does not mean feedback after something has been developed but to be a part of the development process. Allison is a strong believer in having people/partners being a part of the process, people need the opportunity to see themselves in the development process as well as the processes that follow. When there is engagement then accountability is so much clearer.

Inclusion – Allison believes education in Lethbridge School Division should be inclusive for all students and should support the diversity within it. This includes supporting students and staff regardless of their disability, culture, gender or other inclusive needs. When we support one, we support many. Allison has been a strong advocate, standing up for the needs of students and staff – regardless of what their needs may be.

Allison believes in advocacy and that in order to ensure the needs of the students and staff in Lethbridge School Division are met, advocacy needs to happen. In order to be transparent, accountable and inclusive, we often need to advocate. Allison is not afraid to advocate for what matters most both locally and provincially.

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Connect with Allison

Phone: 403-393-9680